Event Coverage: Socal NNL West Coast

Socal NNL Came and blew out the number's by storm. We were really impressed on the amount of people that showed up to display their amazing artwork for everyone to see. I think the numbers doubled from the last time the show happen like 2 years ago if im not wrong. Art Laski took over and put on a amazing show! Scale riders was in attendance as we were sponsoring the tuner/drifters class. It was really a hard choice because so many models showed up from different county's as far away as san diego, inland empire, San Bernardino county and Los Angeles county showed strong support for the west coast NNL model Scene. Many sponsor's such as Tamiya, Grex Airbrush, Alteredworks, Pegasus hobbies, Burbank House of hobbies, Scale Riders, Down2Scale, Bunch Brothers, Pro-Tech, Showed tremendous support and their generosity to support the model scene. Congratulations to all the show winners for their hard work and effort to making it to the show, and we hope to see you guy's at the next one! Thanks Art for inviting the scale riders crew to come along. Part 2 coming soon!

Shout out to Luke Hunter @lucastattoos for winning the Scaleriders Tuners/Drifters Award 🙌

💥Photographer: @terror_chaos