Black Rose- A tribute to terror's lowrider Up-Bringing

It sees to amaze me how well rounded in cars this guy is. From the modern and latest import trends to this classic 1964 Chevy impala super sport. This is what terror aka (mario) up-bringing was all about.

Lowrider car shows and model car events was the only thing i knew when i was a teenager. I would attend the local lowrider show's in town. I would beg my mom to take me check out cool cars and basically get inspiration from these street machines. I noticed back then that this was my calling and i wanted to do something with it. My dad bought me a 64 AMT kit back in the 90's and i had no idea what i was doing with it, i thought it was already pre-built from the stock image of the car printed on the outside of the box, so i attempted to put the little pieces together and the rest was history! When i went to high school all my friends were into Honda's and street racing, so my taste in cars begun to change but i always had low-riding inside of me forever. 34 years older  and this is my attempt to bring this love for low-riding back into my collection. Stay tuned for my next low-low build coming soon! Peace.

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