Yodobashi-Akiba Tokyo Japan

 A few months back I traveled to Japan for the first time with Armando Flores and Juan Amezcua. Right when we arrived and was ready to explore the city. I kept bugging Armando when are we going to the hobby shops? when?, when? I kept looking around hoping to come across a Tamiya poster on a business window. Everyone always tells me everything is in Japan. They are about that hobby life and they got it all.

On December 1st I stepped foot in Yodobashi-Akiba for the first time and it wouldn't be my last during my trip. Jevries met up and took us to Yodobashi-Akiba. He got to witness my excitment and depletion of yen as I stacked my bin full of goodies. This was a mega store I don't know how many floors but we just kept going up. Until we reached the hobby floor.

They got it all and for cheap too! You can spend hours looking at things here.

Trying to decide what kit will you take home? What will I create next? How much money did I bring?

Very nice selection of cool interesting kits.

Love this box art.

At this point your clueless of what glue or tool to get? They have like 10x for every little thing. I wish I could of gotten one of each really. But it's not possible I'd be broke for the remainder of the trip.

I kept passing back and forth which one should I get? Making my final decision. Asking everyone "Which one you getting?"

To much of everything is hard to decide.

Coming home from Japan left me wanting to go back again. This time ill pack an extra bag buy as many kits and tools I can fit in my bag and bring it home. I loved Yodobashi-Akiba definitely want to go back again. This place is Scale Riders approved! Make sure you go when you visit Tokyo Japan.