Scale Safety

When it comes to scale model building you need to think safety = longevity. Your love and passion is scale model building. Brining your visions to life. You want to do this forever. First things first safety. Invest and protect yourself!

3M makes a great painters mask with filters. Straps to your head and neck. Protects your lungs and kidneys. These cost about $25-$30. You can find at Lowes and Home Depot. There's a medium and large size make sure you get the right one.

Goggles and Glasses is a must. Protect your eyes from exposure to overspray.

Vinyl Gloves are great to protect your skin and nails. Exposures to paint, lacquer thinner and overspray. These are powder free. You can find at Target for $7 a pack of 50.

House of Kolor urethane, reducer, clear.  We love this paint system. Takes your model paint jobs to the next level. Who doesn't love this paint system. But it's something I wouldn't recommend to use without a mask. Paint like a pro wear a mask.
 Warning labels make sure you read em!!!

 The line up

Enamel Paint

Synthetic Lacquer